Acid Resistance (Concrete)

Concrete materials, particularly in industrial settings, are often exposed to aqueous acidic environments under which they are expected to perform. The CaraPro®, CaraPro® Select, and CaraPro® Premium line of concrete sealers and stains were designed to penetrate millimeters into the substrate to encapsulate and functionalize the fine grains of the concrete, forming an interpenetrating protective network. This works to repel aqueous acidic mixtures at the surface and retard diffusion into the bulk substrate.

Abrasion Resistance (Concrete & Masonry)

The unique low-viscosity rheology of the CaraPro® line of sealers and stains for concrete and masonry enables optimal penetration into the substrate to provide advanced protection from the inside out as opposed to an easily erodible surficial coating.


Scientific Test Results

Abrasion Cycles.jpg
Immersion test in acid.jpg

Concrete and travertine samples treated with CaraPro® Single-Coat-Clear Concrete Sealer and CaraPro® Single-Coat Masonry Sealer, respectively, maintain surface hydrophobicity after 10,000 abrasion cycles. Conducted in accordance with ASTM D2486.

Untreated and treated (CaraPro® Single-Coat-Clear Concrete Sealer) concrete samples lost 2.1% and 56.9% of their initial weight, respectively, after 168 hours of immersion in 1M HCl (aq.) (i.e., untreated samples lost 27 times more mass than their treated counterparts).

How to apply CaraPro Single-Coat-Clear/Stain Sealers to Wood Fences

Sealer Coverage Chart

CaraPro Single-Coat-Clear/Stain Concrete Sealers